About the concept
A festival-concept, sprung out of the covid-19 shutdown, with some of Norway`s most interesting artists. 

This was an opportunity for escapism, which to many of us was highly needed in those days. Our aim was to give people a new kind of festival, never experienced before, and thus take part in the creation of a new chapter in music history.

10 artists was collaborating with some of Norway's best music video directors to give you 10 unique concert experiences - live. And you could be on the first row.

About the concert
From the desolate Oslo Concert Hall we got to enter Frida Ånnevik’s concert universe. An intimate home-concert from Norway`s grand concert hall was definetely a once in a lifetime experience. Together with director Mattis Goksøyr we got a unique new experience of Frida`s music and a sense of being alone in the world with it in the majestic hall.

The live-concert "From a deserted concert hall" got 6 out of 6 from Norway's largest newspaper; VG.

Facsimile from VG, 13.04.2020, 12:00