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Mattis Ohana Goksøyr is a Norwegian film director and creative based in both Bergen and Oslo. He directs commercials and fiction; short films, music videos, live concerts and more. His short films has been shown at film festivals both internationally and nationally and he is commercially represented by Willy Nikkers in Norway. 

As an half Norwegian half Israeli director with Jewish roots, exploring human conflict is often a natural focus in his short films. Where On hold (2018) portrayed an internal conflict within a young man, Safiyyah (2019) explored the potential complexity of a romantic encounter in Oslo between a Palestinian man and a Jewish woman. The latest short film, Good luck (2020), brings the audience in to a potential sleep rape-situation, a difficult topic presented in an approachable and recognisable way that invites its audiences to continue the discussion.

At the moment Goksøyr is working on a TV-series concept with Einar Drama.
+47 928 01 921


Commercial & music video: 

Sverre Wegge Gundhus
+47 919 25 161

Krister Svensli
+47 988 00 388

Live productions:

Gard Mortensen
920 89 268

Official Nominations

Nominated to Best Nordic Short at the Nordic Panorama - Gøteborg, Sweden - 17/09/2020
Nominated to Best Short Film at the Firenze Film Festival - Firenze, Italy - 25/09/2020
Nominated to Best Short Film at the Nordische Filmtage Lübeck - Lübeck, Germany 05/11/2020
Nominated to Best Nordic Short at the Minimalen Short Film Festival - Trondheim, Norway, 12/01/2021

Nominated to Best Norwegian Short at the Norwegian Short Film Festival - Grimstad, Norway - 13/06/19
Nominated at the Movies On War film festival - Elverum Norway - 24/11/19
Nominated at the Courts Mais Trash Festival - Brussels Belgium - 16/01/20
Nominated at the 30th Washington Jewish Film Festival - Washington, DC, USA - 22/02/20
Nominated at the 29th Muestra Internacional de Cine de Palencia - Palencia, Spain - 29/02/2020
Nominated to Best Director at the Festival International du Film d'Aubagne - 01/04/20
Nominated at the Cortisonici International Short Film Festival - 02/04/20
Nominated at the 15th Myrtle Beach International Film Festival - South Carolina, USA - 22/04/20
Nominated at the 5th International Alexandria Short Film Festival Alexandria, Imathia, Greece - 13/06/20
Nominated at the Unknown Film Festival - Ekaterinburg, Russia - 28/06/20
Nominated at the 5th Shots International Independent Short Film Festival - Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia - 07/08/20
Nominated at the 10th Sandpoint Film Festival - Sandpoint, Idaho, USA - 06/09/20
Nominated at the 17th DC Shorts International Film Festival - Washington DC, USA - 10/09/20
Nominated at the 14th Festival International De Verin - Ourense, Spain - 13/09/20
Nominated at the 12th Seoul International Film Festival - Seoul, Korea - 19/09/20
Nominated at the 23rd Religion Today Film Festival - Trento, Italy - 23/09/20
Nominated at the 8th Festival of Nations - Weyregg, Austria - 29/09/20
Nominated at the 6th Frankly Film Festival - Cincinnati, USA - 11/10/20
Nominated at the 3th Filmzeitkaufbeuren Film Festival - Kaufbeuren, Germany - 06/10/20
Nominated at the 7th Mostras International Cinema Educatio - Valencia, Spain - 23/10/20
Nominated at the 7th Toronto Jewish Film Festival - Toronto, Canada - 23/10/20
Nominated at the 16th International Short Film Festival Detmold - Detmold, Gemany - 24/10/20
Nominated at the 11th Skepto International Film Festival - Cagliari, Italy - 29/10/20
Nominated at the 32nd Boston Jewish Film Festival - Boston, USA 5/11/20
Nominated at the 10th Arlington Film Festival - Watertown, Massachusetts, USA - 5/11/20
Nominated at the 4th Aaretaler Kurzfilmtage - Münsingen, Berne, Switzerland - 14/11/20
Official Selection and digital premiere on Directors Note - Late November
Nominated at the 2nd Festival International De Cine Austral - 3/12/20

Nominated to the Best Music Video Audience Award at the Oslo Pix Film Festival 2018 

Nominated to Best Norwegian Short at the Norwegian Short Film Festival - Grimstad, Norway - 14/06/18

2020 - Recieved a scholarship from the Art Council Norway
2020 - The live-concert From a deserted concert hall got 6 out of 6 from Norway's largest newspaper; VG.
2020 - The display rights for Safiyyah and On Hold was bought by Filmbib/NFI (Five years in Norway).

Foto: Jonas Grimeland