About the concept
A festival-concept, sprung out of the covid-19 shutdown, with some of Norway`s most interesting artists. 

This was an opportunity for escapism, which to many of us was highly needed in those days. Our aim was to give people a new kind of festival, never experienced before, and thus take part in the creation of a new chapter in music history.

10 artists was collaborating with some of Norway`s best music video directors to give you 10 unique concert experiences - live. And you could be on the first row.

About the concert
Most of society is wiped out, and Isah is one of few survivors. The lines separating fantasy and reality are blurred as we follow him on his journey. From one room to the next in the apocalyptic world of an old library, we join Isah and director Mattis Goksøyr into areas and floors of the abandoned main library building, in the middle of Oslo, that very few have seen before.